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Friday, July 13, 2007
so long, goodbye.

Things eventually have to come to an end, farewell to wynn-aye.blogspot.com Everything here is unforgettable. It'd been 3years since i start blogging, i never thought i'll get hooked on it. At least there is a place i can share my feelings, and i seriously felt better after that. wynn-aye.blogspot.com seen me through my happiest and worst. If it can be my friend, i'm sure he/she will be my bestest friend ever. He/she knows everything about me, be there for me anytime i need them and all. Isn't that great? I know i think too much. hahaha. I will probably be spotted in some other blogs, catch me if you can. x) And if you spot me before the 17th, please remember to wish me in my new blog! haha. Thanks to all the avid readers, i hope you all will miss my blogging. I will still be back to read and laugh or cry about my past. haha. Goodnight honey babies. I love you all. <3

wynn-aye.blogspot.com will be closed for now and forever.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Credits to OldMan for giving me a title to start with. haha. I wento consult the doctor on Saturday, like finally right! haha. So yeah, he said my eye was infected and he banned me from wearing contact lens for 10days and more. I was screaming "oh fuck! so long?!" but what to do? Just bear with it laa, if not i go blind. And some others will get mad at me for not taking care of my eye, getting mad at me because i dont wanto see doctor and stuffs. It's not like i dont wanto go consult the doctor, not that i'm not worried and all, but fucking look at my schedule it is full almost everyday. Be in my shoes and think okay! I know you people are worried and all, urgh, i dont know what else to say! Whatever it is, i am on anti biotics everyday and i do drop those eye drops. So just pray for me that my left eye will be alright soon, i mean VERY SOON! Thanks. Saturday was cool, seriously. Ben drove down to FEP and fetched me down to Esplanade to chill with the others for awhile. Cool! haha. I dont wish to talk much about J8 anymore, its always the same. Only one word to describe it, and that is BORING! I gave Aloysius Saw a missed flight on Sunday, but on another hand i wanto kill him. haha. Met NingShao for supper, and walked home together. Monday was finally my off day, went out with Eunice to search for BlackRanger's(Siling) present. Wento MSQ for lunch and of course i went back to visit my ex-colleagues. Oh i miss that place so so much please. I cant wait to meet all of them on 8th July, i wanto hug all of them! hahaha. BlackRanger came to meet us and bought her the bag she wanted, headed down to Cine for awhile and i went home together with NingShao. Today is damn boring at FEP too, thank god KaiYun and bf came to accompany me. haha. We were damn mad laa, doing sexy dance and all. hahahaha. I did a very stupid thing today, after i closed the pushcart i wento the shoe shop to return the shutter keys. And thinking that the locker key is already in the cashbag, so i happily walked out to the train station to meet NingShao. Then when we are reaching Yishun, i felt something in my left pocket and i thought it was coins. But i thought again, i dont have so much coins what! I took out and ITS THE LOCKER KEYS!! Omg omg omg. Tmr is my off day man, if i bring it home CaiXuan cant open the pushcart tmr, or i will have to go FEP early morning to pass her the keys. So i was whining to NingShao and he said, we should go down to Admiralty to meet CaiXuan and pass her the keys. So we trained down to Admiralty, and waited for CaiXuan and passed her the stupid keys. Damn stupid of me laa. And coincidentally we saw AhTiong, we saw him for the past few days. He is gonna say "we damn got fate." haha. Tmr is my off day and i'm gonna spend it well. haha. Alright OldMan, here is your long awaited entry. Sorry. =) Goodnight people. loves`


Friday, June 22, 2007

(22nd June 2007)

Finally my precious babyboy is one year old, i cant wait to bring him out! haha. Look how much he've changed from one month old till one year old. Ain't he handsome? Dont you love him? He is the love of my life, i dedicate all my love to him. Just a smile from him could clear away all my troubles and unhappiness. Woohoo! Lele is a big bad wolf! Baby Jayrel, I love you! *huggs and kisses*


Wednesday, June 20, 2007
stranger in the night

J8 was damn freaking boring on Monday please, i dont know why it is so dead. After work, Nehneh and Andy came down to look for me and we hopped onto my King's car and slacked at the coffeeshop under my house. Tuesday was at FEP, the sales was quite bad though. I dont know why. When Yeeting reached, we shared cookies together and she treated me a gulp. haha. Damn cool laa. Went down to Attica with my chums around 11pm, the music was good and the crowd was quite okay. Again my eye went red and watery, this time is the left eye. Kill me please! The party ended at 3am, met Ben and Sham and went KentRidge to slack. Damn cold man. So the 6 of us were like talking about secondary school life there, and some fatimah's joke. hahahaha. Left the place around 5am and went chopchop down the road, then back home. haha. This morning, i woke up at 11:30am because of my Mum's naggings. And i actually had an haircut appointment with Juno at 11am, so i prepared and rushed down to town. My left eye were bloodshot red, and watery. Again, kill me please! I really hate it. Walked into HARU and LaoEh smiled to me, then Juno looked at me with a very cunning smile. haha. He rinsed my hair for me and so i just stared at something on the left, and coincidentally LaoEh is somewhere on my left side too. Then Juno said "dont look already!" haha. Nerner. And when he is cutting my hair for me, my head kept tilting to another side then he said "your eyes can move, but dont tilt your head." hahahaha! Narbei laa. Super paiseh can. Anyhow, i do love my new hairstyle alot. Thank Juno! After that, wento SolePassion to slack and have my brunch there together with KaiYun. I really miss working at SolePassion alot man. Aww..... Then i met my chums around 6pm and went for PizzaHut together. My mood was seriously screwed up. I felt damn sad and disturbed. But i was better after awhile, and PizzaHut was damn fking cold laa. Reached home around 11:15pm and my left eye din get any better. Screw! I really hope my left eye will get better tmr. Urgh! I dont feel good now. My mind is not settled down, i hate this. I'm being super pessimistic. Loads of stuffs is racing through my mind now. Oh, mindfucked! Goodnight.

i miss you so badly.


Sunday, June 17, 2007
little love songs.

My right eye is red and i dont know what happen. I dont know if it's eye infection or sore eye. Because my contact lens made my eyes red yesterday. Nehneh laa. Uncool. Last few days was spent quite well, Wednesday was my off day. Went out with my chummies and i only reached home around 7am next morning. Dead tired. We walked around town, lunched, dinner, and went for kbox from 11pm - 6am. Damn rock, i know. haha. The guys bought me the doll which i pestered them for 15minutes. haha. It's counted as my birthday present... =( But nevermind, i love it alot. Woohoo! Lele is a big bad wolf! Although i'm quite afraid of dolls, but for this particular doll i really love it alot. After they bought it for me, i cant stop smiling and i went around showing people my doll and asked them if it's cute. hahaha. *smirks!* FEP's food fair started already, and it was damn fun because they do give out balloons! haha. I love balloons please. On the first day of FoodFair, i asked Marco to go get one balloon for me and he was damn paiseh. haha. More balloons, more balloons. haha. Yesterday i wore my "FREE HUGS!" tee shirt, and indeed i hugged quite a number of people. Then that stupid pig hugged me from the back, i was on the phone then that pig hugged me from the back. Super shocked laa. Was wondering if my "Free hugs!" was printed at the back or not. hahaha. Aloysius Saw just called me, and i was quite shock at first. He always call and such weird timing and say weird stuffs. haha. He strummed his guitar and sang some songs to me. So cool please. He sang 3 songs to me, and all 3 songs do have a meaning behind it. haha. It was so very sudden to me, really very sudden. I'm totally not serious at all, and was laughing away thinking everything was a joke. But never did i know that everything was true from the start. hahaha. Go bang walls, stupid Wynny. hahaha. I'm going mad very soon. haha. I'm waiting for Eunice that Narbei to wake up now, so i can go town to get my dad's present and cut my hair. "Narbei! Faster wake up leh!" I guess i shall go watch tv and wait for her call. Sorry for the random updates above. Till then.

Nehneh's random-ness.

Three-some rocks!

Introducing my new doll, and please say with me
"sore eye sore eye, go away!" OR
"eye infection please go away!"

p/s : one more month to my birthday. START SAVING NOW! hahaha.


Monday, June 11, 2007
your wish is my command

Supper just now at Thomson was superb, Eunice, Siling(Black Ranger), ShuJuan and me. We talked about work, life, funny people and all. I thought i could catch the last bus home, but too bad no more bus, so i cabbed home. There goes my money.. I haven stop shopping ever since i got my pay. Control yourself, Wynny. J8 is seriously boring man, new stocks came today, and thank god i hit my target and i got ice cream treat from my Boss. Woohoo! Lele is a big bad wolf! haha. Godma was off to HongKong yesterday morning, i cant wait for her to come back with goodgood stuffs. haha. Saturday was singing at Kbox till 3am, met Minister and his ganchiong friends for supper. Then headed home around 4am plus, i was dead tired. But i think i was really cool to lighten up the atmosphere in the cab, i started saying lame jokes and stuffs. And they did entertain me, by switching their mindset to 17 years old. Nerner. haha. Retail therapy at Bugis, FEP and AMK Hub was cool yesterday. Bugis was quick shopping, FEP was using strong eye power, AMK hub was a rich taitai's life. hahaha. Saw LaoEh and REV guy yesterday when i went to FEP. It was freaking cool and damn happy. Before i went down to FEP with my chums, my eyes were dry and painful and my feets are soring. But when i reached FEP, all the pain fade off miraculously. Like how cool laa. And i cant stop smiling after i left FEP, i just felt so contented and happy. Like a little girl riding on a carousel, looking around and smiling happy. You know that kinda feeling? hahaha. Had Pepper Lunch for dinner yesterday, and i was on cloud nine. I haven ate Pepper Lunch for a longlong time already. It was really nice. Damn rock laa. Roam around aimlessly at the Pasar Malam aimlessly with NehNeh, and it was boring. haha. I'm super tempted to get a PSP please. I wanto play the dating game! I haven complete anything at all, uncool. haha. And yesterday my Dowager was damn funny. She called my house in the morning, i din answer it because i was sleeping and yes i skipped my Science lesson yesterday because i woke up late. haha. So around dinner time i called my Dowager, and our conversation went,
Wyn : "Ah ma, you called me this morning?"
Dowager : "Yes, i wanto ask if you want some dumplings."
Wyn : "Ohh.. because when you called this morning, i was sleeping. So i din answer."
Dowager : "I call you dont wanto answer."

Wyn : "hahaha. Sleeping mah. Later i blurblur dont know what u talking about."
the funny part...
Dowager : "Nevermind laa, nevermind laa" (in those youngsters way)
HAHAHAHA. She was super funny laa. First time i heard her speaking in such funny tone please. I was worried at first when i din answer her call. I thought she wanted me to bring her to the clinic for consultation. And mind you, the whole conversation was in hokkien. My hokkien really improved alot man. Damn cool. Ain't my Dowager hip? hahaha. I must go get my steadypompeepee changitehneenee cousin's present soon man. And my little darling's birthday is coming soon, 22nd June. Baby Jayrel is turning 1 year old already. You people can buy him presents and pass it to me. I will give it to him on his birthday. haha. And if you do have a cute nieces, you can also introduce it to him. He'll be glad to meet cute little girls. haha. Alright, Goodnight you. I'm lazy to type in captions for the photos below, enjoy oggling them. haha. Update next week! loves`
-feets are sored
-eye infection
-dry skin
-cracked lip
-bruises on my shoudler
So uncool. I must regain my coolness soon man. x)
why didnt you love me as much as you love her? sighh..


Thursday, June 07, 2007
only hope

I'm totally drained out for the past few days. Let's hope i get to off this Sunday, please. My body is sending me signals already, i dont wanto fall sick please. I hate medicine, i hate doctors. (Eat more apples. hahaha.) I experienced leg cramps almost every night, it's super painful can. Tears can roll out and i'm very irritated by it. I hate all sorts of cramps, because such royal taitai like me cant tolerate any pain. Except for banging onto doors. hahaha. Just like what KaiYun said, "everything also never see. order meal, never see properly. walk, never see properly and knock onto stuffs." hahaha! Go on and laugh till you choke and die. But at times, i really never notice. Like since when i noticed it before laa, but AIYA i dont know. haha. Pushcart at J8 is super boring please, i rather slack at FEP than to doze off at J8. Working at J8 made me super stress about the sales target, because the place is quite dead. FEP was quite okay today, just boring that nothing perks me up today. Maybe only the supper at Kobayashi with KaiYun, Evelyn and MeiYun. Finally, i got my pay on Wednesday. And i am going for a retail therapy real soon man. Woohoo! Lele is a big bad wolf. haha. NehNeh visited me today and accompanied me for quite long. Thanks NehNeh! =) I think i lost my digi cam this time. After shifting here, i cant find it anywhere. Damn! A lot of my pictures are inside know, so sad laa. Wahlau. Let's pray it'll appear real soon, if not i'll have to spend those precious moolahs to buy a new one again. Feh! Visted my sweetheart Baby Jayrel on Sunday, we went for dinner together at Northpoint. He was super cute. Enjoy his photos below, i'll post his video soon. Alright, Goodnight you. loves`
"opps. dont tell my mummy that i'm eating sweets."

"mmmm... it's nice. you want some?"

"i bring you sexy back!" hahaha.